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The December contest winner is Chiori"s poem "25th DECEMBER". I hope you will all join me in congratulating this poet and this fine poem


My mind awaits fresh attire
The one am entitled to; every culmination of time,
The lightening trees worries me not,
But my neighbors in the glorified edifice
Put the oil in the crying pot,
Unleash the tied chicken for its execution is now,
a compliment for the waiting throat.

An aura of dance and merriment, flowing around
From those children of my side of life
Though given little but appreciates immensely,
How I wish today can stay forever!
when in my bed I watch the moon cross
a time when the city heads reminiscence their villages,
I love 25th December.


Great work! I was not really in the Christmas spirit so much this year like I was last year, but the second stanza really embodies how the holidays can feel in the best way.


Advocates Coordinator

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