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Beginning as a welcome rain
on parched hills and thirsty plain
viewed as a blessed relief
as long as the stay was brief

Ere long the land has had its fill
each low spot now displays a rill
rivers and the streams are brimming
and rain's welcome is quickly dimming

for weeks the torrent just goes on
throughout the day and night and dawn
until the rivers leave their beds
and over all the land it spreads

All the lowlands soon are covered
to an extent until now undiscovered
yet the waters keep on rising
steadily with no reprising

Carcasses now join the flood
of run-off and sliding mud
the water we once thought a friend
is now a curse, when will it end ?

Now roads and bridges next go under
does nature not realize its blunder ?
the clouds just continue to pour
I don't think we can take much more

Too many houses float on by
flood level's never been so high
water, water everywhere
nothing to do but stand and stare

Evacuation boat rows up
you mean we can't take cat and pup ?
I feel like the biggest louse
leaving them in flooding house

Imagine me, a refugee
surrounded by dirty brown sea
my family all sleeps on a cot
the flood has taken all we've got

At last there comes an end to rain
and rivers start to drop again
on a newly drying hill of mud
out pokes a dark green flower bud


In the U.S. we have floods on an almost yearly basis on our major rivers. No matter the engineering projects built to prevent flooding in any country, too much rain will get us eventually.The tragedy down under is magnified by their recent large scale wild fires which if I'm not mistaken were in the same general area.Thanks for coming by and leaving such kind comment...............stan

author comment

Brazil, Australia to mention a couple of countries having problems with floods. I feel so sorry for the families that lose everything. ( Insurance companies wont insure them ). Nature manages to recover but the flood leaves behind a terrible human cost. It must be devastating,

Brilliant poem Stan

Love Mand xxxxx

The size of the area flooded down under is what led me to write this. Thanks for the kind comment..............stan

author comment

Having been through some tough times myself, I am able to empathize with others during their times of trial. Not sure if that's a blessing or curse lol...............stan

author comment

I guess one should be careful what he prays for. I hope you all get a bit of support from this scribble................stan

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I didn't know cryptic or boss are Australian either................stan

author comment

Sneaky Aussies. First there's one , then another. Next thing you know there's a plague of them. Almost as bad as Americans lmao................stan

author comment

I lived in Memphis, Tennessee as a child and it was a yearly thing for the Mississippi to flood miles of cropland in the spring. But it was an expected thing there with allowances made for it. I think it much worse when flooding happens in areas where it is not normal. While in Memphis my father, brother, and I fished a lot in one of the many lakes( referred to as "oxbow" lakes) formed when the Mississippi abandoned its old course and cut itself a new one during the New Madrid Quake. Of course I didn't know that then lol.I read your Haiti poem but have not commented yet as the anger of the aid sent having been "allocated" mainly to gangs and corrupt officials still boils my blood. You keep yourself safe over there...........stan

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