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At long last

Hi folks. I finally got my book completed. It is for sale on Amazon and titled BEYOND TRAILS. I'd like to thank everybody here who helped me hone my meager skills and encouraged me to continue writing . A special thanks to Geezer and all the site owners and operators.Stan Holliday


What a pleasure
you have shared your melodious treasure

Shall buy ~~~hope many more will
You are Neo's
Congrats to ma'am also
A great Inspiration
Susan she is

I dedicated the book to Susan . She is the one who encouraged me to start back writing after a 40 year absence. The book was suggested to be priced at $9 but I thought $6 was better. I'd prefer giving it away but the publisher REALLY didn't like that idea lol

author comment

We at our age don't want much money but mainly would like to share our creativity. But then Publishers are Businessmen They prevail. My experience is Pubs give you a few copies and gulp the rest... well they too have a family.
If the Selling Price is $9 cost of 1000 copies becomes 1000x2.5=2500$ that's a lot of money. Did you pay or he Pub also invested.? *
Normally these guys publish1100 copies. or they publish on a need basis on firm Demands ...and not print the lot of 1100 in one go as they have the PENDRIVE
*I am doing mental maths and perhaps would print only 100 copies if the cost is viable and let my guys distribute it to those who actually read me or send condolences or attend my evaporation in flames ..gathering--- COVID RESTRICTED .LOL
But you have to guide me as I want to publish only as a parting GIFT. FROM AN ''EARTHIAN BRETHREN''

Thanks Stan

on demand. i had to pay partial cost of publishing but that's to be expected 'cause most of my stuff is in rhyme and that's not in much demand.

author comment

I shall get back if you don't mind. COST OF PRINTING, TYPING PAPER ETC IS 25 PERCENT of the MARKETED PRICE. 10 PERCENT GOES TO AUTHOR balance pub's //advts etc Not bad. At least you will be published.

collection of favorite poems available to anybody who might want them

author comment


One for me
I'd love to read in heaven
all slowly
Here I have read each one of yours That's why I call you a MASTER OF WESTERN STYLE
If you recall when I was loved
I had requested you to promote free style
JESS howled later relented He was a nice guy
kicked me like one does a football
I saw heaven without paying a dime '
will still miss him

He finally said he started liking me
few do stan hope you would

We have known each other a long time. You know i do some free verse once in a while just to show that I Can (not too well though).It is a real shame that we lost Jess just as he was finally coming around to realizing he could achieve his objectives without being caustic. As to promoting free style.....well it would be better for a Good free styler to do so don't you think?

author comment

Who do you thin is best
I am a free styler
off the cough poet
no one's bet
neither yours

but I wonder why on other sites I am read by thousands
here i have to yell
Gee then at me does yell
'''egoist stark nude shameless narcissist '''
you remain silent
stan ur good very kind and softer man
who all leas and when they can

at the fairly small number of active people here on a site which even overall is fairly small. Now I am also over at allpoetry and I get a lot more replies over there but very few go beyond "great write" or other such platitudes. But here......Most people are actually concerned enough with helping that they are actually HONEST in their critique. Ask yourself what you desire. Do you want bunches of empty platitudes or do you want honesty from those who truly want to help each other become better......?

author comment

this one is to produce teachers
Stan we want an admixture
Ice cream as a desert

life has to be balanced with love and lol
all and you know
endure now you are
a self styled publisher

I retained all rights so that I don't have to remove any work already posted here

author comment

Hello, Stan.

Its "beyond trials" by Stan Holliday,,,, Yes?

I'm having trouble ordering it on the uk version of amazon,,
could you provide the isbn?


Try using my name instead of title. If that doesn't work just holler and I'll get back with you

author comment

Yes, that worked.

Apparently, I'll be in receipt of your wondrous book by tea time tomorrow,
It cost me just four pound thirty five pence,,,, about the same as a large bacon sammich, though not as fattening!

Good luck with the book, and well done for getting that far!!


I hope you enjoy it

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