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WEATHER ADVISORY (poem brought back for my Aussie friends)

Boy oh boy! it sure is hot
at least as hot as devil's snot
ninety seven in the shade
who knows how hot in sunny glade

So hot when suntan oil's applied
a person could be "southern fried"
a head without a hat soon learns
all that's known about sunburns

To cool off I built a fire
and it Worked I ain't a liar
I caught a whiff of sulfur here
as if hell was much too near

When I go outside,instant sweat
in five minutes I'm soaking wet
if I stan in one place,Bud
the ground beneath turns into mud

Jumped in a lake to cool my form
didn't work, water's too warm
concrete walk so hot it felt
as if it was about to melt

So hot a hound and rabbit race?
both just pant and stand in place
put matches in 'fridge over night
to cool them down enough to light

Frying eggs on the sidewalk/
just a lot of empty talk
tried it today and what was learned?
went straight from raw to being burned

I guess this poem's gone on too long
but then again I could be wrong
the rhyme and rhythm's nearly shot
Oh! Did I mention that it's hot?


"The Man" with no frying pan,
just another Summers day,
are we supposed to make hay
"F" off all you that think we should,
Too damned hot for being good
So I sweated, just got stuck in there
I'll say no more in case I swear..

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

This is so old that it was actually originally on the old Neo site . Dug it up in response to Jess' rant about how hot it is down under (and it IS hot there) and thought it might give my Aussie friends something to chuckle about as they slowly turn into poet jerky................stan

author comment

Can you even imagine Elf Jerky Oh! yuk, I love Biltong, but it has to be Kudu, or some such creature, LOL, Yours Ian

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

We old poets are tough enough without also being dehydrated lol.........stan

author comment

definitely to hot to worry about meter and such

Neopoet Directors

This was written back when I thought meter was a metric thing lol.............stan

author comment

You've got the ear, mate,
the scansion glitches are minor.

Neopoet Directors

Along with the ear comes a large rear, bald dome and gray hair lol................stan

author comment
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