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Rett's blog

Season's Greeting

Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends, Happy Hanuka to my Jewish friends, Happy solstice to my pagan friends and may my Atheist friends have a Good day.
Rett Wiginton

We need to all get on the same page

Recently, there seems to be a re-emergence of the old friction here between the workshop people and the casual to semi casual poet. I am looking for suggestions on this.

This is my view on the whole matter and only my view at the moment.

How I did troubleshooting for my computer

1. Computer made a roaring noise so was shutdown using the correct procedure.

2. Turned on power, computer power came on, immediately went off.

3. Said a few expletives.

4. Symptom is most likely video card or power supply. (speaking from experience)

5. Pulled video card. Fan was extremely hard to turn. Decided to replace whole card.

6. Installed new card, pushed power button. Computer came on, shut right back down.

7. Loudly spoke a few more expletives, walked outside, smoked a cigarette and paced a bit.

MIA and apologies

Sorry to have been missing folks. I was at my middle brothers bedside in Mississippi when he died. I got home late Sunday the 23rd of January and my computer promptly died also. Just got it rebuilt. New MOBO, CPU and Memory. Still recovering from the trip and the loss.


For all my friends this holiday season

For my Christian friends: Merry Christmas and best wishes.
For my Jewish friends: Happy Hanukkah.
For my Muslim friends: I will be thinking of you with appreciation.
For my Pagan friends: Happy Winter Solstice.
For my Atheist Friends: May you be happy.

For everyone, I think a lot of how I am blessed to have so many friends and I wish you all the best.

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my friends on Neopoet, I wish you all a good Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for my friends here in America and abroad who have helped me and have given me many hours of pleasure reading their poetry and chatting with them.

I am thankful to Andrew and Paul who have given us this wonderful site.

I am Thankful that I am alive and still in reasonable health.

I am thankful for my children and grandchildren whom I love very much.

I am thankful to my parents who saw fit to bring me into this world.

For all with the Chat Department

I just wanted to thank everyone in the Chat department and everyone involved in chat itself. Before too long we will be restarting everything and I am looking forward to working with everyone again.

It's great to know that our people are sticking with us during this trying time. Thank you all.

A Thank you to our Veterans

Thanks to you, I enjoy the freedom to disagree with my government. Thanks to you, I enjoy the personal freedom found nowhere else in the world. Thanks to you, I can hold my head up proudly or bow it in humility. Thanks to you, I can worship freely, no matter my religious leanings or stand without a professed faith without persecution.

Site suggestions. Feel free to discuss

This is a few suggestions I have come up with concerning the site. Right now, the site is minimal and looks nothing like what it will when the official launch happens.

. Whether they can be done or not I don't know.

1) Is there a way to lock to top menu bar so it always remains visible?

2) The left side bar is too wide and if there is a way to lock it in place it would be nice also.

3) Need more room width wise for the posts. Too much unused space.

4) The navigation doesn't seem to be intuitive enough yet..

5) Could use some more color

Welcome back Neopoet and neopoets

It has been rough. No poetry, no blogs, no chat. It has been like my house burned down while I was away. Hard to realize how much I would miss Neo.

There is no place like home. said Dorothy. Now I finally understand how she felt.

Hello family and friends, the home is being rebuilt and I for one am so happy to be here.

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