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Editing - rough draft


The way they all said they wanted me.

A kid,
You fought over a kid.

You flattered,
And bartered.

I was a kid,
I still am a kid

You put so much pressure on me,
To be this figure you created.

No one asked me who,
Or what I wanted to be.

I was pushed,
And steered,
And molded into
Someone I never wanted to be.

And when I started to break away from my constraints,
You got tired of me.

Like an old favorite toy,
You put me in the donate box.

Waiting Room- "Fool Again"

He got up and left in the middle of the night again
At least this time I thought we were more than friends
Broken promises on my untamed heart
At least he can breathe when we are apart

I thought that he was done lying
In my heart I knew that he was trying
You can't believe an old fool when it comes to love
He takes flight like a caged dove

Broken heart again, emotions everywhere like a weed tumbling
Intuition told me it was coming
But I'm a fool for believing lies
So I sit here with no goodbyes

At The Bar- Challenge #18

Closing time, only one left
Head down in a vodka escape
Sadness ebbed blood red
Through lifeless eyes

Twenty years flashed
Like a reel through time
Good deeds gone punished
No hope to find

Bartender says it's time to go
She lets out a sigh
One last sip and a final tear
Splinters against her despair


Don't try to tickle me
my emotions are enough
to shed trickles down my cheeks

For years I have controlled myself
why should we depend on others

Emotion by itself is a lubrication
it helps memories to escape quickly
Use yours instantly
lest like me one day
if not today
some day
you may need me

Then sadly enough
dry and drained
no emotion left in my veins

Till then just wait and see
you will
I shall be

Where the wind has blown

Friends like a cool summer wind
freely flow in.
flourishing ,full
fresh and new
But like always
as time
grew so had you .

Those once popular
petals from your flimsy
flower of friendship
have now
fallen far from
your stiffened stem
of social standards .
And have
plummeted deep
into the darkness
of the unknown .

Yes you have grown
But what is there
left to be shown
No one’s life
except your own.

Riding with You

We met in the rain
on a cool, September night.
We talked and we drank
and you saw my Ace.

You asked, “Whose is that?”
“Mine,” I replied.
You gave me a look:
Shock and awe
and love at first sight.

Rubber to the asphalt,
Helmets and gloves, just in case.
We rode and rode
until the sun came up.

Ace was mine but I rode on the back.
I watched you drag your knees
as I reached out and grabbed the grass.
No one could touch us.

My Love My Rotting Leaves (opening verses)

Apples are no treat for me
(or anyone really)
nothing to excite,
nothing like chocolate.

Chocolate for my cache
(a bag full)
on October 31
and Scarlet in her blue windbreaker.

Water towers reach high up
(and so did I)
behind her head for a hand
of fine blonde hair.

Oak trees all around the silver thing
with graffiti all over,
our name up there somewhere,
but the aroma of rotting leaves…


A poem for a Virgin
who was always afraid
of a man
was married
taken away
to a far off land

she had none
of her trusted ones at hand
thus I calmly spoke

Lead kindly into the night
with hubby aright
be faithful all night
and life
be a good wife

nothing and no one
but your husband is right

he will take care of you
only if you always lead him

lead kindly
into the night
till twilight
all your life
you'll remember
I was right

Can't Help It

I wish I could,
But I can’t help it.

The way I feel,
The unshakable dreadful feelings that I feel.

Maybe if I just told you,
It would all go away.

All my hopes and dreams,
Somehow always point to you.

I suddenly would go any where in the world,
If it meant I could be with you.

I wish I could shake the feeling,
Maybe then I wouldn’t feel so guilty.

I want to experience life,
But it’s hard to not wish you were with me.

I would flip my world upside down,
Just for you.

Welcome to TV series

Take a ride to a little town
See, in the sky is flying crow
Beacon Hills or Mystic Falls
Bloody-bats or wolfy-dogs
Two cool brothers in the car
Caring salt through 'merica
Monsters, ghosts or any others
Vampires-sisters, werewolves-brothers
Sticks, and stones, and guns, and magic
With some funny moments, tragic
Love and hate and need of choice
Welcome in dear girls and boys


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