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Bj Black Beauty

My only source of transportation put me down Saturday May 28th 2011 around 5:30 pm. She blew her top bursting my thermostat housing breaking it in two. She got too hot trying to keep me cool in this steady rising heat wave. I did not know she was running hot. My air suddenly stop cooling so I took her to Advance Auto to have her checked. Advance Auto is where I got the bad news. I called the wrecker to tow her to the shop for repairs.

I spent the weekend sitting at home depressed about my broken down baby. Because its was memorial weekend nothing could get done until yesterday May 31 2011. I made a mountain of mistakes and bad decisions trying to handle this thing myself. Thankful to the people who care, overlooking my craziness, talking me out of what would have cost me through the nose. They fixed my B and got me riding again for $163.00 for parts and labor. Plus $75.00 for towing. I don't haft to worry about towing I will be reimbursed by my Insurance company.


thanks for all the love.

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