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What is poetry
but effulgence of emotion
from deep core of one's heart

Yes it is empathy
Sugar coated with sympathy
that makes poets expose
their inner sensibility
end up either by being kicked
upwards or stamped
by the foot of some one
who thinks all poets one owns

Shakespeare composed
out of his sheer imagery
no one ever taught him
but 450 years
since he went
to the unknown side
poets still in class rooms him describe
Oh what a scribe
do imbibe .

Mid Summer's Night
Lady Macbeth

Have similar ones
you ever tried

So many poets have come and gone
out of my works
a few gems have been born
but who has the gumption to say
I am no poet of today

Yes I may not so be
but future poetry alone
exudes out of me
when my form is naught
all will ask NOT

but shyly will say
Who was Loved anyway
okay if not this day
one day
some day
but not yet far away

So poets love your work I say
some guys love darkness
girls love black

you love white horses
I beauties black


My Sincerest Love Message

Don't ever sleep over
it’s dangerous
not worth half a night
spent with the one you really love
as you seem to be married
or at least have a boy friend
do adjust

Sex is only compromise
newer positions one can devise
to adjust the orgasms and the ejaculations
the inner sensations
be happy you live
with utmost satisfaction
with a love long life
you love
then don't others curse
for your own folly
thinking about others lolly
it may not be as lovely
as you may have thought firstly

Willing phantoms roam around
in each underworld
under-country they are found
they love to on others' happiness scrounge
blame the other one
as they themselves bitch around
Blasphemy on these kinds ma'am

Never even think of cheating
assures this poetic man
your life will be sparkling clean
as a lotus and fragrant as a ROSE

See my emblem and enjoy
many thirst to play with my toy
slam them I do
O boy!

author comment

Shakespeare was highly educated in the finest schools available at the time including a thorough background in the classics.

I have never seen your narcissism extend so far as this invention.
I bet you $3.50 even your gems are remembered no longer after your death.

You could be so much better if you just made the effort to learn a little.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

excellent bet neither you will
nor I'll ever know
Does Shakespeare...
''I bet you $3.50
even your gems
are remembered
no longer
after your death.''

Shakespeare was learned,
experienced much more
than us
all know

That's why I always quote him
''He Knew.....''
In schools and colleges /Institutions
only his works live still
450 years since

Mine are forgotten
15 minutes after being read by any
You alone call them gems
none else

Some you have ignored
the real ones
which have acclaimed
an applause
the best friend is one
who slaps you on the face
and leaves scope
for more worth for one to trace
than one who praises
as a narcissist you say
helps the poet
fall from grace
with disgrace...

author comment

Although no attendance records for the period survive, most biographers agree
that Shakespeare was probably ......
educated at the King's New School in Stratford,[12] a free school chartered in 1553,[13] about a quarter-mile (400 m) from his home.

Grammar schools varied in quality during the Elizabethan era, but grammar school curricula were largely similar: the basic Latin text was standardised by royal decree,[14] and the school would have provided an intensive education in grammar based upon Latin classical authors.[15]

author comment
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