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Unveil Me

So many times
So many have tried
Failed at it,
To unveil the veil upon my statue,
As I stand alive inside it.
That veil when my time comes,
To attain glory,
Guys and girls come out with stories gory

Why do you want to unveil the statue?
It’s not yet ready,
So they say,
Why unveil it in a half-baked way.
A living statue perhaps maybe
So they steal my recognition away,

When my time comes to un-fathom them,
They come and stand by my side
Showing a smiling face,
Slice me from both my sides.

In front of me,
They say sweet words,
Of praise,
With a sleight of words,
They my worth erase
So that gives me a longer chance,
Of continuing my Anonymity,
Of friends, followers and fans,
Just don’t show any pity.

I know the time of my recognition,
Will come one day,
But from the Earth,
By then I’d have gone away.
From the remnants,
Of my crumpled shorn domain
There will once again rise
My worldly remain.

To the world then,
I shall perhaps be a legend,
Of an age gone past,
You will see how time shall fly fast.
I shall rise,
Of that there is no doubt,
But in living life,
I have a very little clout.

So I shall keep myself,
For as long as I live,
It’s then posthumously,
A worldly recognition,
You and all mankind,
Will surely have to give
Wait till then.




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