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I Often Wondered

I Often Wondered
When a poet wrote
Years ago,
In the lost oblivion,
When there was no telephone
Nor Internet
What then readers imagined
The bard had in mind
As cryptic as yours
Upon the deserted oasis of time

I still stand in this wondrous land
They call an everlasting eternity
I wonder what you
Anyone else will think
Of this poetic mystery
Is it perhaps, initial?
Seeding mastery
I’m glad you
Anyone else
Can now ask me


i liked this take on wonderment.......


raj (sublime_ocean)

u join me in the wonder
as I myself wander


author comment

Interesting poem, I sometimes think of Shakespear etc hard to understand and we do make assumptions about the meaning of his words. It would have been great if he had written in the margin exactly what he meant but then there would be no mystery and over the years meanings of words change.

You've got me brain whirring, that's quite an accomplishment.

I enjoyed reading this thought provoking little poem

Thank you for sharing!

Love Mand xxxxxxx

I too create my own words
and on the other site
and at times here too
Shirley knows I'm known as



author comment
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