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The Final One 465

I Think
The lost virginity of thine
Ceases distraught minds
some day
Since all of us
Have read you by today
Let the printers of the world
To place this poem
on every other gate
For folks to know

Twill be a lesson for others too,
Girls to take care
Don’t believe the guy
Without an inner wear
Men, boys would also know how
How they bring about disaster
For others,
as seeds of rust they sow
As their corrupt minds ooze
Some devilish sperms lather
Which should those like an acid devour
So that they will never ever
That way in this life again
Have such a monstrous way.

Your poem,
A virtually real one
Has given flames
of scalding burns
To this poet
Your heart we all have won,
Each one of us
has nothing else
But sympathy to display

May the Lord
Let not another child
Lead you’re astounding
Then variously singular,
Yet distinctly, isolated way


I'd have fulfilled

the mission of my life


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