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Your Lovely Poem ..The mostly known Unknown Author

Your Lovely Poem

This poem will
Someday end up
In the history books
Of poetic time

So many stalwarts,
The world has 6.5 billion
Going around
Make no sound
Silently ask each one of them,
To poemise a similar poem,
A thought theirs unique…
Then my poet Unknown
Now so much the worlds treat,
You shall have to take shelter,
In the publishers street
Remain undecided,
What is which?


do definitely inspire
folks like me,

how i wish

the world had more folks
like thee

urs truly


author comment

The spiral continues,
To flourish in the moment,
And bloom as I lie,

But take heed my loved one,
And beware of the finite,
For all things in life,
Must come to an end.

I might just get all too used to answering you in verse. I hope you don't mind:)
And see! I told you I'd come read your stuff, oh well-read Loved.



lovely poems get washed away
i thought for times twill stay
but like tears this poem too
has lost its way
well it makes me sad
this very day


author comment
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