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Do, Fear Not! ............slightly edited

Do ,Fear Not

I recall a time,
When a guy,
Was asked by our father
To take us out into the wilderness,
To acquaint us with the realities of life

He thought it was an order,
To push us over
But then he had his own children,
He took us to a jungle,
Where there was a marsh
Besides that he cooked a meal as our last.

He ate it up all,
As he inched us near,
Some thing overcame him,
Perhaps fear
As he was to push us
His conscience perhaps tweek’d
And he pulled us out.
This is no story
But one of reality,
As we live till today.

We weren't afraid then,
As we knew not
Who was harsh?
Who was lovable?
Who depicted a marsh?
We survived a crash!

We weren't afraid then,
As we knew not
What was a marsh?
Who was lovable?
Who wasn’t?
But we survived
An unwarranted punishment


into the deep end does not always work in the attempt to teach a child to swim.
I am not sure anyone would subscribe to this in our day and time.

'Break, break break on thy cold grey stones, O Sea.'

and because it did pass,
i live to narrate,
what was the pass


author comment

I'm an actor of poetry
And i enter the soul
Who I’m trying to depict,
Not necessarily
My own life or experience
But more of
Information and imagination
As I’m an actor of poetry


author comment
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