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The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

A mendicant ascetic sat down where the Buddha
was instructing the monks. He listened attentively
until the Buddha finished the sermon and then
admonished the Awakened one to return to the
life of austerities. The Buddha listened in silence,
bowed respectfully, and left without saying a word.

Next day, the ascetic attended the sermon
and again, reproached the Buddha for his life of ease.
Gautama listened in silence and left without answering.
This scene repeated itself every day for a month, until
Ananda could not contain himself any longer, and asked the

"Master, why are you ignoring the questions of that ascetic?"

"Ananda, if I answer him he will not understand and will
wander off still thinking he is right. My refusal to answer
keeps him here listening to us. As soon as he is ready I will
speak to him."

Ananda feeling sorry for the ascetic who was by this time
visibly hurt and angry by Buddhas silence, approached him
the next day and said, "Please noble sir, don't be saddened
by my master's silence. He will answer all your questions
as soon as you are ready to understand."

The Ascetic laughed with scorn, "It is your master who is
learning from me, and who is afraid to answer my questions,
but fear not, I'll stay here for as long as it takes to
instruct him."

Ananda bowed to him and walked away
hardly able to contain his amusement.

~ Pete Sierra


An interesting caveat to this is that as often as I posted this story, thinking it was *true*; it wasn't until years later that my friend Pete Sierra told me he wrote it. for some more for your browsing pleasure

There's wonderful *light reading* here for all.


author comment

There are none so deaf as those who refuse to hear ( have no idea who said that)............stan

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