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"Footprints on my lawn"

Do you all remember my two poems from 2011 well there is a book/film out now and a report that goes like this:-

"Grounded" is an independent feature film about what is considered by many authorities to be "The Greatest Health RE-Discovery of All Time": Walking barefoot on the Earth.

This simple activity was found to cure a surprising array of ailments in residents of Alaska - a place not exactly renowned for its barefoot lifestyle!

Submitted by Yenti on 10:29 am, 1 May 2011


This morning before the sun reached out
Climbing for its place in the heavens day,
I walked outside to greet it, as is my way
On my beautiful lawn were a lot of bumps,

Turned to find a roller or rake,
But before this task was through
That voice came and told me of you
"Look at what your friends have done"

In the growing light I saw that the lumps,
In the shape of footprints, not ugly bumps
As if someone had been walking there
In my garden it didn't seem fair.

Tears rolled down my cheeks with ease,
As I knew just what they were
My friends from all over this world,
Like you, had to be silly had to care.

Now my lawn is more beautiful,
Than any I have ever seen.
Feet prints there in profusion green,
From billiard table top to this shrine,

Thank you all, you friends of mine


More Footprints

I walk the land it talks to me
No I am not strange, or silly
First I tried my lawn out there
Friends came from everywhere

The lumps and bumps there to see,
Now my lawn stretches to eternity
It hit my ways as now each day
I stroll in thoughts on green ways

Standing still as one by one,
My friend’s prints I stand upon
Aussie ones with dusty toes
State side bigger ones do show

A feeling that is mostly there
For one that treads, really cares
This has started something new
An instant in time I stand with you

Friends come and also go,
Their foot prints are there to show
As if they had walked in snow
Each telling me, they care

There are strangers prints there
I say so welcome you are here
Special places now put aside,
Some I see, and I have cried

Soldiers who march around,
Leaving footprints on the ground.
They are a great treasure to me
Telling stories of love in eternity

Present friends the new prints are,
Great that my lawn stretches so far
Remember to make your own
A swathe of grass to eternity thrown

Feel that Earth beneath your feet
Reach out to people in your street
Tell them of a new thing found
Footprints sweet upon the ground.

See I may talk rubbish sometimes but it may come back and bite your asses LOL, Love you all,
Yours as always Ian.T


some day I shall walk away
and ere i go
Footprints to you only I
shall show...

Tears rolled down my cheeks with ease,
As I knew just what they were
My friends from all over this world,
Like you, had to be silly had to care.


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