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Geezer's blog

I am extremely pleased...

at the end result of our new type of workshop! I want to thank all of the people who have participated. This is not the end, by any means! We will take a break and the new one will begin in a couple of days. Candlewitch has the honor of starting the next one, and I for one, am looking forward to the next chapter of this saga. ~ Geezer.

To all that worried with me...

My friend is home and safe. He got a new phone and forgot to tell me! He called me when he got my letter and asked why I didn't call him on his new number. LoL. So glad he and the wife are safe. Thank you all that were concerned, and felt my anquish at not being able to contact him. ~ Geezer.

Chat On The Darkside...

Chat On The Darkside
is meeting at the chatroom
after dark, on Sat. nite 8pm
Come in and bring your Ghost stories
Myths and Monsters. Tell us your tale

Come on in and tell some tales

Let's bring in some bodies!

Com'on folks!...

Everyone gets upset that they don't get critique and comments, but no one wants to reciprocate. Even if you are a newbie, you should make an effort to at least comment and let the author know that some one has read their work. Who wants to stick around and post; when there is no interaction. If no one cared about it, then everyone would just sit home and write for themselves! We have had this discussion many times over the years, and things improve for a while, but... after a week or so, things go back to the way that it was!

The last two...

contest winners are as follows: Mark, for his poem: "When I think of Death" - June contest
Sparrow 42 for his poem "Summer Love" - July contest
Honorable Mention goes to B9Pat for "The Best Fourth of July"

Critique and comments...

I see many new people here at the site and I think that this is a good thing! However, there are not enough people that are critiquing and commenting on other people's work! When you join the site, we know that most people are a little shy about trying to critique someone else's work. But when you have been here a while and have gotten some of your own work commented on or critiqued, we expect that you will reciprocate and tell others what you think about their work.

The winner of May Contest...

Is gregwa8, for his poem Arcadian Ground.

The winner...

of the April contest for her poem "Hope's Spring" is "blistered pen."
Congratulations and great work!


to Jane 2106660 for winning the March [Ode to the cellphone] contest,
with her poem of "Balance of Power" She has managed to touch upon many of the
things that make them indispensable to our lives. Thank you Jane.

Remember when you enter the newest contest, that you should include [April Contest] in the title of your poem and click on the April Contest in the drop down menu next to save.

April Contest... "Spring"

The April poetry contest will begin on April 2nd and end on April 26th.
The theme for April will be “Spring”
Any style and around thirty lines; [a few more or less is acceptable].
Use your imagination to create a perfect Spring or use the memory of a past one.

Keep it light and cheery!

The prize is a gift certificate for $25.00 from
The judge is anonymous and all decisions are final.
Please remember to include “April contest” in the title and click April contest
in the drop down menu next to save.


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