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Since Halloween is...

just around the corner, I figured that we should just have a Halloween party! Bring your limericks, free-form
Haiku and anything Halloweeny! We will vote for the best in each catagory. We don't have any real prizes to hand out, but you can earn bragging rights for any form. So get a jug of cider, some warm doughnuts and we will tell some ghosty stuff and have a good time!
9pm to 10pm, Saturday, th 27th.
~ Geezer


I shall attend your party
You just will not see Me
A candle will flicker sickly
A shiver will touch your soul
As I attend to my ways

Beware that you are careful
In things you say or do
I will grab your soul
If only one thought is so
I will not tell you again

I have homed onto your chat
With talons sharpened
Blood lust honed for kill
Yet will have a special bag
For those souls that are ill

Bloodlust will slip into your world
There 's no need to be fearful
Joining me will be a thrill
A darkness lite with screams
Fear held in bloody dreams

Come to me my friends
Give of your all, you know the end
I will be the king of your ways
First I will feed off you
For many yummy bloodlust days

This is not a new craze
I have been around for many a year
Waiting in shadows of your fear
I will feed when it is time
Midnight means that you are Mine

Yours with much thought,...Ian.Tokeloshe
"Out of Africa"

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

that your house is a great place for the little kids to go for a scare with your treats. ~ Gee

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