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Memorial Ian T. Howard


It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the passing of Ian T. Howard ( Sparrow). He has been a member since the beginning of He has offered his talent, warmth and kindness to this community and we will forever be in his debt. Ian was in charge of getting our undiscovered poems some critiques and making sure every poet felt at home. New poets were welcomed by his charm and his willingness to help them navigate the site. He also contributed to our resources section. A place where poets can learn more about poetry. May he rest in peace and he will be deeply missed

he always addressed me as young Bard
even though he was much younger
than I
May he remain in the hearts of all
A LOVING friend
gone to our
common eternal home

He really was one of the best people to have around on Neo, he was a friend to all and he had a very very gentle heart, of course he will be deeply missed. My deepest love goes out to his beautiful family and indeed to all of us here at Neo who had the pleasure to know him.

Thank you...Teddy

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