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Nature and indigenous issues



In many ways I’ve left behind the dreams and loves
I cherished most, and yet as years go by the word
adios still binds me to the coos of turtledoves;
the glare of Austral skies, where a circling bird

swoops to snatch a creature fleeing in the brush.
Of trails Tehuelches stalked in bygone days,
nomad’s camps safe from modern rush;
before winka sliced the steppes with railways

forged by slaves to traffic Remingtons, or purged
the patterned prairies of jaguars and ñandues.
Concrete dams and buzzing pylons emerged
on cactus lands, carcasses shed lucent hues

on llanos swept anhydrous by the wailing winds.
Thus memory is laced with fuzzy images
of childhood pastures, heartstrings
my thoughts will not let go despite the ravages

of time and loss. To the present day I smile
at my lost. wayward worlds -red horizons
receding in a cone of plangent light- meanwhile
spirits summon me from crowded pantheons

of Patagonian lore. Captive of the fading
tones that grip my heart or force an odd grimace
cling to phantom walls, I cannot rouse the swaying
poplar trees, speak to you, caress your face.

I would have loved to go to Sth America and the word Patagonia has always been a place of mystery.
Your write is grand and I hope to see much more of your works..
Spread the word you are the first from Sth America here as far as I know,
A Great welcome to you, enjoy our poetry place , Yours Ian x..

Words can build a nation

Many people believe that Patagonia is a mythical country. I believe it comes from a children's tale called The Prince of Paflagonia! There's also a true version of a Frenchman who called him himsefl King of Patagonia. I believe his descendants live in France. Should google it.
Tx for the kind welcome, Ian

The Poetry of the Earth is never Dead. John Keats.

author comment

a real mythical grandeur to it. Congratulations!

Hi, the truth is that thousands or more people believe Patagonia is a mythical country. It's so vast and unknown that myths grew over the years. There's a book called The Prince of Paflagonia, maybe it has something to do with the mystery. Once, a Frenchman called himself King of Patagonia. His descendants still live in France.
Thanks for your lovely comment.

The Poetry of the Earth is never Dead. John Keats.

author comment

to your land in this work Gracy. I think a poem of this type should rhyme, so well done for that.
I think the duration you have chosen for the piece is exactly right.
Your words are wistful yet delightful and interesting. Because of the ongoing interest which is instilled in me, as I read, I wonder if I would have liked to see it as a work of one stanza only. Either way it is a credit to you.

Critique is a compliment
Kind regards, Alan

Hi Alan, thank you for your kind comments. I wrote this poem over 30 years ago. It's been tweaked many times. But it turns out that it is up to date, what with climate emergencies, indigenous issues and so many other things. This one came second in the December IBPC competition. Neopoet should compete there. It's great. All the best.

The Poetry of the Earth is never Dead. John Keats.

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