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Someone Critiqued My Poem. What next?


A good rule of thumb when your work is critiqued is to acknowledge the person. This does not mean you need to implement their advice, just let them know you appreciate the review and ideas.

But what if you don't appreciate the review and ideas?


Seriously, thanking someone for taking the time to review and comment on your work will encourage them to review and comment on your work. You never have to take any suggestion or implement any changes, or modify a single word. But you should let them know that you view their time as valuable.

Otherwise, folks will tire of a one-sided effort and ignore your postings, you will get discouraged, and post less often.

This helps no one.

If someone has ignored your feedback level request, let them know, politely. You can always ignore them in the future and always report any abuse, but start with a conversation and a shared idea that this is a collaborative space.

To not thank somebody for having taken the time to read, think about then comment on a poem is just plain rude whether you use their ideas or not.

A type of being rude is the ignoring of Critique.
We need to regroup and sort out an ethics programme for the site.
Why we are so selfish in our love of poetry has always been a mystery to me.
There must be a way of reminding everyone on Neopoet that it is our life blood.
Still waiting for this great site to produce its first book of Poetry for the world.
I am sure we can get a backing ..
Take care and great to see you active again I have missed your truths.
Youyrs Ian ..

Words can build a nation

Your comments and involvement are appreciated.


Jonathan Moore

author comment

Just posted a blog on this very subject. Whether the authr agrees with the critique or not is not the issue. Responding with a thsnks is only common sense

I suggest all poems in the last 100 winners list
should be placed on file
AND SELECT THE ones you feel deserve to be entrants into Neopoets
WE boast of being one of a type only
the world ought to know this

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