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half hour into xmas

year end of the thoughts...ramblings of poetz
from two oh seven to now...eight years on Neo
forty one in july that year....seemed unstoppable
the world...tipping then in its peculiar ways...
my clavicle yet smashed from a cycling accident
my world not upside down...

and yet throughout it all...the madness and folly
i kept a moth to a fame
no shame......i have enjoyed the years here
this writing place....the i slip more
and more into a poet life....with not too much
looking back.....i do want to say..
Thank You neopoet from then till now
you poets all

you have shown me a flame
in the torch of a storm
and a drop of wet
in the desert of a downpour


Will take a cup of coffee in the Cafe
Watch the world go by, just here.
Then tell the world that it is one
With new poetry in the new year.
The flame is eternal.
Have a great holiday out there,
Yours Ian, and Family

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

You have been here much longer than this old scribbler but I can to an extent identify with you experience of growth as a poet by being here. It is such remarks as you just made that help keep all those who volunteer for different things here realize that their efforts are not wasted. Best wishes for Christmas and the approaching new year.............stan

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