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Esker's blog

issues at hand

technical difficulties

Esker..(me) cannot post poems...2-Cannot contact for technical report..3-Cannot
contact trustees.....So I can only post here asking any of the AEC's for help
remedying the present dilemna...

for those posting comments here
take time to read
and assist
Thank U!

Mr Wolf!

test blog entry

test test..if this goes through and then stops
I am figuring out schematics of "glitchs"


obtuse...Decarte said it best
"I think...therefore I am"
Western Logic
and I have at least travelled
some to know the world is
Indeed round

the wilds left to tame or too
leave be is the interior
the deep is not empty
as the old etchings of mariners
would tell

an abbreviation
leaving the round
of its english
a crumb
a byte

of thought
in marginal
and digress

Blogger Dodge

thought the writing
was fueled by an addled mind
full of posession and obsession
which I am at times...was
and i guess still have my
two packs of small smokes
sit in front of going
in this tin bucket laid on its
side...the smoke in its
bottom..away from the desk
coffee in a mug with a brilliant
flower..still dressed in the
going out clothes...
Dog for a walk...
sharp pei..something
a one man dog..guard dog


delete entry



parody demonstrative

...thank U

issue getting on

timing out...cant connect..waiting.keep trying..miss Neo


emergence from submergence

I like the two comment initialization just hours fresh
It is enough increments to show how a poem can
be "obscure" enough or very "obscure" risquee
that non can grapple with a response....or its just
difficult to start a dialogue with the poem. In going
over my own works I see the ones that do not have
the required two comments to be set aside from
undiscovered to main stream.....And I see the ones
with heavier traffic flow more in definition now!

poe et ree

grade five i could read to the class and hold them mesmerized
not from the great voice i dont have..but in the delivery of oration
the pressure points of story.....pretty much the end of me selling terrible at i assumed the alpha assist...

what the fuck is that? or wtf for those non texters..

fossil fool

staples is the treasureland...i feel like those chip and dale chipmunks...
wide aisles and tall modernist factory of clerks and writers..
found typewriter only now...the upbeat cello of its time soundtrack
for disney....of course now it would be dubstep...the oboe basson and claironet



where did we find time to write and believe we were
more then the graffitti etched on childhood walls
and now in age the bus station dialogues
my shopping list finds in the cages of the snake
of carts meshed together
does my script look as interesting

i found typewriters lonely and black
grey and misplaced on the lawns
of summer sales
got them running....idling works and
words through ribbons and blank pages
before this internet became the rage


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