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book salvations

I would buy books once
spend money on them
instead of whiskey or gin

jacket covers I would read
and critiques on the back
all well and said

shorts as minimal as they
come and advertisements
for movies...put together
in such a way that I would
pay to see them at the
theatre and the movie
sucked but I loved the

I was hooked on how
they could move people
through the doors on short
words..short poetic lines

I called it propoganda
and I still think of it as such

for good
for mystery
for greater
for weak
for wrong

its poetry
an expressionist art
full of pain passion
and pronouns

Maybe nouns and verbs...
and spelling errors
and no punctuation,
(except maybe now!. ).


why I write short poetry and blogs...
how I liked the selling of a work
Like hustling or hawking
its hard work...people think its easy
but totaly relying on it is something!!

not for everyone...

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