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Chapter two

chapter 2 the memories of marlowe

In response I took a deep breath in and bellowed out these words. “ Alright how about I’ll tell you my life
I was born in New Bedford . My mother was an immensely stubborn woman; her mind was like a board stiff and still not bending for anyone except for herself. And with that stubbornness came a price which was my freedom .”
Yolita looked at me puzzled and produced “ your freedom?”.
“Yes, my freedom you see with stubbornness comes the endless desire to control. To have the world grobble at your feet and serve your every word and command. And that’s how she viewed me not as a human but as a tool just there for her own necessity.
Year after year after year I had to put up with her insidious commands as she made me a daily butler for her since birth. Until that one devine day when the most illustrious idea illuminated itself within my mind . And that idea was to run away to break free from this torturous ordeal. I packed my things and joyously leaped myself out of the window and plummeted into the open arms of freedom . But then my mind strolled itself into the realization that I’m completely and utterly doomed . I’ve just walked into a new world without having self meaning, hope, or experience.. I'm the only oddball in a bucket of normality .Where the even ones are exquisitely fixed to flourish within the fluorescent flames of this pompous high modern day society. Now two years passed and here I am meeting you
an enigma thrown in this so-called perfection that this world tries to strive for but never successfully .
So I've told you my problematic past. You don't have to tell me about your past but rather can you tell me about your present day life ? that is if you are comfortable with that of course .’’

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