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Edward nigma's blog

I had the surgery

Had surgery in chest stomach and head and what they did was put my shunt into the other side of my head so I have like twelve incisions on my body,

My health update

Tomorrow I’ll be going to vcu hospital in which and where I will have another hole drilled into my skull and their going to turn off my shunt to see if I need it
if I don’t need it then I’ll most likely have chest , stomach and brain surgery .

If it comes to that I want you all to know that you mean a lot to me . Especially geezer , lovedly , rosewood and candle witch.
If I can think which is getting more difficult because of pain then I’ll update .

Health update

For several weeks I’ve been having these terrible headaches so I went to vcu because Chkd ran out of ideas and I’m back to where I was before with an over draining shunt and bounded to my bed for god knows how long. Well I have to wait for VCU would Schedule a mri scan to see what’s causing the problem so they can fix it.

How to evoke emotion

Use your words carefully because your words depending on which ones you use effects your tone .
And your tone effects the overall feel of your poem .

How to make poetry effective

Well treat your poem like your building a wall every single brick or word has to contribute to the whole otherwise it would make no sense . why would you use that word if it contributes to nothing. It’s just like acknowledge a piano is there and then never use it .
The poem has to be like an arrow it has to have a point to pierce the message or idea into your readers head. Otherwise it won’t be that memorable and it won’t be effective.

What does my writing mean

Every poem every character I have written in my poems I usually see myself as them or they represent my ideas my fears my hopes.
Most of the poems I’ve written are sad or cynical. Well because I wrote those poems while in immense pain and
Through life I’ve gotten used to being alone so I yearned for a hand to hold and comfort me yet to afraid because I know nothing lasts forever but I just want something that would stay not fade away .
But that’s life it was and will never be gorgeousity .

Did the surgery

So when they did the surgery they discovered that my tubing broke and I was having a csi leak.
So I got surgery in my head , chest and stomach.

The difference between a song and a poem

Now the difference between the two is rhythm .
I’n poetry you have one set of rhythm and that is the syllables.
now I’m a song the rhythm of the syllables act as an acrobat trying to balance on a beam of a constant beat.

My hectic relationship with health

I’m going to have another brain surgery it will my sixth in these past two years . Because they believe that my shunt is over draining.

Lesson on rhyming and my health

If tone effects rhythm then rhythm will effect the rhyming pattern because in poetry every thing is structured to build up to either and idea a point or an image which ever you want to hammer into your readers head. Now it depends tone
which want to rhyming the


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