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"Neo" - Neopoet AI

Researchers are creating incredible new advances in "artificial intelligence" almost every week. While computers do not exhibit generalized intelligence, they can use advanced statistics to look at relationships in extremely large bodies of work to generate text and images that, in some specific cases, can be very useful. (In other cases, they can be quite disappointing). We first used AI three weeks ago in a workshop, and got initial feedback from members. A week ago, we introduced an experimental feature called Neopoet AI. The feedback has been generally positive, but not universally so.

It's exciting to be the first poetry community to experiment with AI.

This is, of course, an experiment. I wanted to see if AI could help poets improve their work. Some experiments fail and some succeed. I expect we will continue to tune our approach based on feedback from members.

I wanted to mention a few things we've done so far to address concerns:

- The Neopoet AI feature currently uses an OpenAI model through an API. We've confirmed that, contractually, they cannot use submissions to train or improve their AI. We've been testing a number of different prompts and other variables, so response quality has varied.

- We've created an opt-out feature.

- We've refined the way we work with the model. On Neopoet, you've always been able to select prompts like "is my internal logic consistent", and we are now including these questions as questions for the model. This has created some unexpected issues, however. When we first introduced this feature, it caused the AI model to misunderstand our ask - unfortunately this led to a few responses that were nonsensical (we quicky fixed this issue). In the interest of transparency and to foster a full discussion, we haven't taken down the poor response examples.

- Our stance is that, ethically, it must be clear to all users that computer-created content is computer-created. We now have disclosures both before and after the computer-generated text, and a link to submit feedback. We've refined these based on community input.

We welcome your thoughts on Neopoet AI as this experiment progresses.


I had my first encounter with Neo AI and, I must say, I was nervous at first but I was pleasantly surprised by the comment! It told me which parts of the poem were good and other parts that could use some work. I found it to be very informative and constructive. I look forward to seeing more AI in future poems.

to see how this progresses. Definitely glad that the writing of our poets is protected in some way. That's really the only potential concern I can see.

Otherwise, it's a really cool opportunity to use AI as a learning tool and see it evolving right in front of us. This is groundbreaking work that wasn't possible just a few months ago!

Thank you for all your effort, Andrew. As I learn more about how AI is being used in education/writing, I'll definitely send it along.


Critique, don't comment.

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Kudos to Neopoet for continuing to make this community one of the best collaborative poetry sites on the net! I was impressed with the depth of the AI comments, but there is still a bit of work to do to ensure that the AI guidance is accurate and useful. A great step forward though - well done!


Michael Anthony

I very much like the AI addition to Neo; however, my expectations for it are not the same as those from fellow human poets. I think (one of) my greatest flaw(s) is not being able to step back and see obvious technical issues that my poetry may have. For me, so far, AI feels very much like a professor teaching the mechanics of poetry in order to better "paint" the actual message/emotion of the poem. I really like it as another resource in a completely different form.
Thank you, Andrew,

I came to leave my thoughts on the AI, your comment reflects perfectly what I wanted to say. I totally agree with everything you've said above.

Much love J x

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

i feel like you guys did a wonderful job coding it!
i wanna be the ai's friend lol

-m4gg0t was here

you could call me soph if you'd like. 

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