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America's Cross

America’s cross
doesn't hurt

it fools us
like novocain

instead of scandalous
beams of wood
3 horrifying nails

it is the couch
and the remote

if we had to wear that
around our neck

it would be
a scarlet letter

if it were not
so in fashion

the television
a vicarious deception

a death that takes
thousands of hours

one day it will be
our albatross

the hill we die on
our Calvary

that we loved Lucy
and little else

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Entertainment, America's favorite pass-time.
I'm not so sure a bout the generalization in the last stanza. (I have no TV and my couch is for crashing when exhausted and worn from pushing the clock). So, I think while the theme may apply to most it does not to all.

But I do see your point on this Memorial Day weekend because after all if there were no wars then there would be no freedom for couch surfing.
That's what I took away with me.

I like the (mostly) two verse stanzas. It flows nicely along.


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Thx. Definitely doesn’t apply to all. But it helped me realize some of my creature comforts. Happy Memorial Day weekend, Mach2!

author comment

Nice picture of a soulless, spiritual-less life. Science has given us material wealth, but its empirical law negates the soul.


The most powerful reaction
of mind on mind
is transference of sight

Thx! That is an interesting dynamic of modern society, Tyro

author comment

I have seen a lot of people who retired. The ones with no hobby which kept them active didn't last too long. Guess it's time for me to take pole vaulting back up lol

I have seen a lot of people who retired. The ones with no hobby which kept them active didn't last too long. Guess it's time for me to take pole vaulting back up lol

but it was written in the 60's. The the media is the message (Marshall Macchulen) and One Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse, was then, and it was clear which direction the country was heading. Now we have the great Disney Cartoon "Wall-e" about people so fat they can no longer walk and spend all their time in bed...

Here 60 years later, the concept of entertainment through social media, the holy internet et al. makes this poem true, but dated. With all this stuff, why only focus on the couch with Lucy. Just ask Siri... We are on the verge of AI and 3d entertainment and soon we'll have computer chips in our brains to receive the direct physical feelings... there ain't no stopping it, where will it end?

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

to some, it will seem dated; but the majority of the public understands the sentiment all too well! Television is still a number one entertainment in this world. You can see anything and everything on T.V. that you can on any other form of media. In fact, many of the systems/platforms that are popular today are dependent on a television screen. I think that there is only so much that you can cram into one poem, without making it an epic. You got your message across just fine. Let's leave the internet and futuristic stuff [chips in the brain and AI interaction] for another day, shall we? Geezer.

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