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Hi Neo Poet Members

Our chat room is open
Come on in between 8-10pm Eastern for an open chat session TONIGHT!

open chat means we talk about everything and anything you would like

Of course I would like to (if you haven't already) become familiar with the chat room guidelines

simply put , respect each other,

So come join me(or watch me sit in the corner and listen to you folks)


I will try to be there.

love lou

Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

i will not be able to join in because of time zones...i shall be at work...

everyone who will be joining in there have a great exchange good ideas...

raj (sublime_ocean)

it would be India time...about 10-12 hours ahead of USA...and i will be at work since we (company I work for) work on saturdays too...

raj (sublime_ocean)

Sorry it didn't last:)

You see I am still up. I enjoyed it muchly thanks to you and the friday frivolry. Great time and havent laughed that much in months xoxo hugs to you and thanks


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