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Morality should make a comeback

What has become of that old fashioned morality that we were raised with ? Have you forgotten to say please and thank you my friends ? Instead I see an anything goes wild west type of society. Let's bridge the gap between love & hate. Create a world where it's fashionable to hold open a door for your neighbor. Also the classic ethics should be mandated with the dining room table set up. The fork should have it's proper place with the knife. Bring back good entertainment to such as The Brady Bunch, Fantasy Island & The Duke's of Hazzard. By all means put the cap back on the tootpaste and shut the toilet seat down there's ladies present. Search for the truth in this life for you have every right to know. God bless the mailman !


Good rant on here but this could be made into a poem, have a go on word ad then we can cry or say it is evolution or something but on Blogs we just read and let them go,
Yours Ian.

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Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

This is not where I came from
Morality where are you hiding
My Mother and Father would cry
No pleases and thank yo’s Nye

Old fashioned I may be
But give me the love of reality
Return to me the gentle folks ways
Making our childhood the best of days.

Going way back to gunslingers times
Rule of the wild, wild, west has returned
How many notches have you earned?
A greed stairway to corruption I feel.

Can we return to those days I yearn?
A frown on hate, a love of love.
To find out who lives next door
Give them the time of day

A meal each day the old family way
No pressing buttons to pass the time
A talk with those of yours and mine
Where did we go so wrong?

No killing for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
A place set aside to talk of family things
Values and worries sorted, as they should
Evil seen is evil do, no family to see us through

My children are taught as it was to me
Honour and love in the family
Knife belongs with fork alongside
Open talk with nothing to hide.

Go to extreme put the toilet seat down
Squeeze the toothpaste from the end
Don’t end the day with an awful frown
Just bring back love and togetherness

Share as there is lots to go round..
Yours as always Ian.T

Give critique to help keep Neopoet great.
Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

Surely you are taking the piss?
Otherwise you just lost whatever credibility you had left.

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wipe my tears with a sock!
I got one spoon
a plastic sandwich container
that was once the kids...
Now grown in her new place
north with a handsome miner!
works at a gym
But the plastic container I love
cause I used to make her lunchs
when she worked top check out
girl at big chain store!
Im happy!
good old days....perhaps some
of it! worlds always improving
as well as unbecoming...
I eat my bucket of chicken with
my fingers...
fairly well behaved after a mickey
or two out there...
U get hungry!

Brady Bunch...portrayals..
The lead "Son" was sleeping
with the lead "Mother" then
and the Dad was Gay!
the little sister was on twitter
for making anti homo statements
everyones got an opinion!
Duke of hazard flew the rebel banned..
as is the socialist parties flag
in Germany!

Values......I got the bible as a youth
no nuns...priests..thank god!
as a native I say this!
I would have a different feeling if
I grew up in a residential school

or city setting where majority of
catholics were italians sicilians
and anyway Im bright enough
to know the human Top are
the kings....rules apply there
not to be challenged
same with here....

even in Jesuses time he said
Pay ceasar what ceasar is

Had a good talk with a counsellor
about the young with no upbringing
about values or laws..rules..
why they sign on to much gang saying its a bad
thing....I know enouogh that this
system helps many....there are
rules one Must abide by...
life is not a game...

I like civility ..nothing wrong with
good manners or being polite
my salty parents would say
and honed into us...
It saved me!
people still respect respect
I am quite liberal in my days
as I worked many many crowds
but not for cash.
exchange and trade only..

"Mr Judas! Mr Judas!! damn
he forgot his reciept for his

the old world....we live in it!
make it as best we can!

Thank U...excellent comments!

Mr Wolf!

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