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chevyvent's blog

General comment

I am not even going to bother checking who gave you negative criticism but 1) supposedly people should not be giving picky bothersome comments around here because above all, the spirit counts so tiny errors really don't matter. 2) again I think we all do get criticized in life and usually that is the problem of the person who does it. We can only try to live an exemplary life, and not let people get us down. (I am not directing these comments at the other person, only making general comments.)

Poetry At It's Best

It's such a shame that poetry books are hard to sell. Poetry is one of the most underutilized and underestimated art forms in modern culture.There is a magic in poetry . A poet can create a metaphor that rouses our senses and shines a light into the dark corners of our hearts. Poets try to reach out to people. They want to communicate a feeling or an idea and they do it in a unique way. For my 21st Birthday I was asked what I'd like as a Birthday gift.

Need Opinions ?

Need opinions..
The unfortunate and sad truth is that the hair on top of my head is slowly but surely going away. I don’t have cash for replacement surgery and quite frankly, the thought of it scares me as I don’t want a dead possum sewed to my scalp.
Option one- continue to keep it short and let nature continue its miserable course.
Option two- dive head first into baldness and shave it all off...

The Roller coaster Ride

Keep a strong connection beneath the river edge shadows in the dark..Look straight forward in the struggle, Very deep..Some insist on getting their own way in life..But we must take part of service..What's the world coming to..leave behind not the slightest thought to read a sorted novelty. Awake to provide a distant novelty getting cut to the knees. I'm waiting for someone to come out some where...Life is like a roller coaster you have heavy good days and then you fake the speed,Today is the only moment that you have very touching with words.

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year everyone! Great opportunity to move forward with a new heart, mind, and attitude; full of forgiveness and holding no grudges. We all need to take inventory of our own faults and owe up to them. Apologize if we've offended and extend grace where needed. Enter a new season of freedom with a clean bill of emotional and spiritual health. May the God of all peace give us wisdom concerning this. Stay close to Jesus in 2019!

Hope For The Hopeless

Happy New Year, my friends! I have no resolutions, only a promise of continuous effort in working to achieve the goals and dreams that define my life. There is no real timetable on work that will remain forever in progress, but there is faith, courage, strength, and resolve. May 2019 bring each of us the experiences necessary to help shape us more fully into who we truly are. Peace.
We all intend to come together within the outskirts of our great design let your feelings flow
Further, life is like a circus and we parade along as the clowns;

Reaching To The Point Of Being Famous

there is a message from that of Warhol explaining everyone can have their 15 minutes...
Reaching toward the point of reaching famous out of the realms of kindness..
Warhol had let us to believe that we can be at ease...,
instead of concentrating on building a wall
one should choose to live by faith
in many changes to the extreme
our soul succeed in the gentle within
Cast forth the election many are buried in heroin
flames of the atmosphere all wish to agree

Wishing everyone a peaceful and productive weekend ahead. All the best, my friends
Only half a month is left before us in 2018. Wow. What a wild year it has proven to be. Some blissful moments spent sailing smoothly and a few sharp turns along the way. Such is the nature of life. To flow. To flux. To continually place one foot in front of the other as the mysterious path unfolds. All that remains now is to finish the song on a high note.

I’m thankful that a selection of my work has been accepted to appear in a forthcoming issue of Spillwords,

The parts of speech

The parts of speech are a system for classifying words.

There are eight parts of speech: noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, preposition, conjunction and interjection.

Many words can function as more than one part of speech.

For example, depending on its use in a sentence,

the word paint can be a noun (the paint is wet) or a verb (Please paint the ceiling next).

Further nouns, are classified for a variety of purposes

When capitalization is the issue, we speak of proper versus common nouns

I Love "Jess" Weirdelf Helps Me Write"

Poetry is in my veins give me a chance to explain,
Although (Jess) Weirdelf remarks in the context of reason
I'm appreciative to his remarks it gives me a reason to believe
take a hold of yesterdays news a given chance to sing the blues
look deep longer in the peak with words suffice another chance to roll the dice
together we can clear up the false facts a reason to over react,


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