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The Culture Of Death

Culture Of Death

Today I extend an olive branch of love from above
In direct relation to the sun have a bit of sun
We have sewn ill but faded rhymes to society's charm
Now let's sound the alarm to bring our people back
Working today can give anybody an instant heart attack
You seek for abortion on demand when will you understand
Just head to Canada if you don't like your home the USA
Now is a good enough time to bow your head to pray
Make no mistake some may call it fate
A pilgrims progress to reach the village queen
As you sit right back in your imaginative world of mean
When will you ever understand we must obey the masters plan
Shattered glass with blood in our streets from the riots you demand
You mix blood, sweat and tears from the images in your hand
Sullen torment having tombstones for eyes that bleed
You need to really give peace a chance as you scream & dance
Shelter lies dormant amidst it's beckoning blow
You send your children to school in war zones from below
Set your hearts a new having bitten off more then you could chew
You neglect to salute the American flag how so very sad
Blackened heart having long hanging teeth with viscious fangs
As you watch The View with Whoopie & Joy lest I implore
Repent then come back to your first love this thought is for you

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