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Strict Adherence To The Law

Out of much respect to Neopoet & there establishment based.
It sadness me that there are many critics among us.
You see it is good if the heart is established positive feedback.
To me it's impossible to live up to their perfect standard.
I tried and I failed finding myself flat on my face.
As a poet we need to uphold one another I don't approve of some of your members feedback.
True, it may be for my benefit but being a doormat for your bullying tactics is not my chief aimed goal. Unless you are implying some sort of reverse psychology yet only works for a few.
I felt it was time to stand up for myself I don't go around with this critical mindset that some of you impose on others. Just some simple thoughts by which to ponder.
Lastly, if I do decided to comment on others work I always will use praise words never to bash or harm the intended receiver or poet.


If anyone has attacked you personally, please
report it to the AC, under the help tab, contact
neopoet and select AC administration.

As far as the poetry goes, I refer you to the
community guidelines, under the help tab.
This is the first part;

Neopoet is specifically a workshop style poetry forum and is designed to share your poetry, receive and make critique of the work posted, and more importantly, for you to evolve as a poet.

You can pm me for any further information if
you choose.


I forgot to mention that you can ask
for the intensity of the critique, as
snowbells pointed out.

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