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some random mp3 music got attached to this...oh well, it's calming, enjoy! :))

author comment

was waiting for the music...eager like rca dog tilted head even..
just the test two and then the suprise to hear a poets
voice....and cant help but to think of pj harvey and kate bush..

your voice was not what i was expecting at all...
and the missing music..

liked the imagery and descripts
powdered ness and rain trails..

i can listen to songs for years and then
one day become aware of the lyrics
im sure im here somewhere
but this was an amazing experience
vocals only
no backtrack

i have to put up a poem
im even more inspired to
record soon.

thank you..

oh your voice is very pleasant
and it was a joy to hear you
read your work

thank you..

with text, best that way.

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