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Who am I

All my closest friends
are online
am I a real girl?
breathing breathe of life, or
virtual girl, living in bubble

if so, bubble popped
many moons ago
shattered, tared with feathers
i walk around as one
with out mends

tragic reality
beautiful Benz
unlike many
trying to grasp
what life really means

one thing for sure
it's not
in bottom of bottles
sparkling with red wine,
dazzling shiny vodka,
sizzling fiery gin
brown lustrous brandy, or even
Applebee's road island tea

it's in heart of Neopoet's
community of poets
around world
coming together
helping each other, become
better poets


appreciate knowing a little about you.
i am surrounded with friends and family, but feel closer to friends here.
how can a person surrounded by so many people feel alone, lost and friendless
:) except for online with Neopoet.
I don't actually expect an answer just relating...

thanks for commenting. it is late and i'm about to go beddy bye. i haven't sleep much lately..I'm too wired about everything happening around me.

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