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Grand Four

Great Grand Weather Cast Has Arrived
Submitted by Barbara Writes on Mon, 2011-10-10 00:15

Hurricane Kenyon,
Tornado NyKera, and
Whirlwind Myron
Rips the house a part
Before the Storm is born
Kenyon eldest of four grand’s
Smart as a whip
Two years old just turn three
Reason to a degree
Making waves everywhere he grace
While Tornado NyKera second grand
To bless family with her birth
A little darling warming hearts
South Carolina October Fest Princess
Preparing for the State Fair Pageant 
Whirlwind Myron not my biological grand, but
None the less my third grand
Spinning mean winds
When he can’t get his way, or
Eat like a hungry piglet
Stormy Fetus fourth grand soon to arrive
Grows in his/her mommy’s belly
Making two plus two
To make a fighting four
Can’t wait to see who he/she proves to be

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