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Grandma's Love

I remember the day my first grandchild was born. The closer it got to his birth date the more excited I became. I was elated to tell all my Neopoet friends about him. When my son called to tell me the new baby was coming, I was up all morning waiting to get a picture from him to my cell phone. The moment I got the picture I was so proud and off to the hospital I went to see my new grand baby boy.

When I got to the nursery he was sleeping in the glass crib with just a diaper and a clamp on his blue belly button. He was pinkish pale and beautiful. I took several pictures with my cell phone to share with friends and other family members. Afterward, I went by the delivery room to see my grand-boy's mother and meet his other grandmother, aunts and cousins.

Not to long afterward, the nurse came in and we went to a room where a window overlooking the hospital's beautiful landscaped property to chat and wait for the nurse to finish caring for her. There in this small window room I got to know a little better my grandson's other grandmother, her granddaughter from a oldest son, and her younger sister, a successful hairstylist. After this brief first view of my precious new grandson, I was ready to tell everybody who would listen all about him.

For the next two days I went to the hospital to see him and take pictures of every cherished experience. The third day I brought my new digital camera and took hundreds of pictures of him leaving the hospital, of the nurse making sure his mother knew how to correctly strap him in his car seat, and of his discharge from the hospital. I took pictures of a crowd of us who followed the nurse to the car as she pushed my grandson's mother to her waiting car. I also took pictures of the nurse teaching us how to strap the seat in the car properly. I took pictures of every precious moment even as his mother strapped herself in and his grandmother driving them away.

I couldn't get enough of seeing my first grandchild. We went to the house to see him the next day after his release from the hospital. I carefully picked him up and held him while he slept being careful not to awaken him from him slumber. After a lengthy pleasant visit he woke from his peaceful sleep. I immediately pulled out my camera and took pictures of his opened eyes. His bright eyes was so alert and fully aware at three days old, we knew he was going to be a smart child.

I had many pictures of him and was impatient, wanting to upload the picture of his open eyes on my poetry profile website. The first thing my poetry friends said was congratulation and look at his eyes. I knew what they meant, but wanted to hear them say it. So I asked, what is it about his eyes and they said he is going to be smart.

My poetry family has not forgotten my grandson who is now five years old. They occasionally ask, how is your grandson doing. He is very articulate and advanced for his age. He is quiet and understands well. He is a problem solver and like learning new things. He is my first grandchild of five. Four being girls.


Nice of you to share your experience in this true short story. Since you say poetry runs in your family, I am quite sure that it would come as naturally to him as DNA. I can imagine how your heart would swell when he sits down beside you one day and shares his maiden poem, if he has not done so already. May God Bless him always and make him a fine human being....


raj (sublime_ocean)

Thanks For the kind words. Accept for a cousin in philly, I'm the only poet and writer in my family I know of. Singing runs in my family as my mothers dad uncle and aunt sang professionally. I have a singing voice I show off from time to time with certain songs that I sing well.

But poetry and writing is what I do most. Creativity runs in my family As for my grandson we think he may be a scientist bc he loves planets and spaces at age three or computer genius bc he navigate, troubleshoot, play computer games, charge my card memorizing passwords at age three. He reason on right and wrong and cares about how ppl are treated. He amazes me with his special gifts that keeps developing. .

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