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My Awakening

I came here to Neopoet a few years back, with little knowledge of writing poetry. I had tried different sites, but they were all fluff. they made you feel like a child, with comments on my poetry like; good job, well written, but no real critic. I was not growing in my writing. one day by accident I stumbled on to Neopoet, So I post a poem, an hour later I came back to check for commons. I have to say that I was taken aback by the honesty in the commons, they spoke of structure, style, and rythm. suggestions were made on how changes could be made to keep in the main idea of the poem. At first I became a little upset, these people were slapping my baby around, how dare they take such liberty's. I didn't come back for a day or two, but outside of the site I went over their suggestions. hard headed as I am about my writing, I could see what they were saying. I made some changes not nessarily all, but there was a re-write.
It was now more a poem then just thoughts. In the years I've been here I have learned so much more then just poetry. through my writing and help from many poets here. I have learn about myself. So i'd like to thank all the people here who had the patience to give of themselfs so that I could become a better writer. thank you all!!
Neopoet is a true family of poets and a incredible learning workshop

Eduardo Cruz (Eddie)
Spanish Harlem NYC

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