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What Neopoet Means To Me

What to say
of what this site
has meant to me?

I could speak of
rhyme and meter
rhythm and cadence
or the excellence
of other poets
but none of this
conveys a thing
to anyone reading this,

so instead I'll say
what once were comments
of polite enjoyment:-

"Your poetry is good",
"I like your pacing",
"I enjoyed your little poem"

became criticisms instead:

"it's too prosaic",
"the cadence breaks up here",
"structure stumbles on this line"
"a better choice of word would be...",

and in time those criticisms became

"this is phenomemal writing",
"this is a thing of grace and beauty",
"the best I've read in a long time",
and "are you published?"

that's what Neopoet
and its amazing poets
means to me.

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