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Critique For New And Old workshop

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You don't understand
You can't percieve
How I long for you
How I long for your touch
How much I love you
I try my best to show
my love for you
You seem unable to see
How life could be

Lifes a mystery
It's been a misery
My love is so great
You don't percieve
The things I do
My love burns for you
My heart needs a soul
to make it whole
My love I save for you

Oh darling look at me
With pools of love.

I look in your eyes but
I dont see my love

Reading and Analysis of Poetry (not a poem)

Reading and Analysing Poetry

As a poet when you read your peers poetry is it a quick read, instant opinion and move on? Do you really think about the content of the poem, the technique, how well crafted it is. What the message really is? Do you tick like because the poet posted a poem, and make gushing comments without too much real thought? Or do you read it several times, really analyse the piece and make constructive comments? Do you hope that people will take time and trouble with reading your poetry to give it the attention it deserves?

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