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Evil Minds That Plug Destruction

Evil Minds That Plug Destruction
Who sets the standard ?
Who is the prince of the power of the air ?
The devil
Actions in which humans rebel against God
Miss their true purpose for their lives
Surrendering to the prince of the air more then God
Cause all their deeds were evil
Ozzy Osbourne stand of this with Black Sabbath
Many heads today are going to have to take a long bath
They bitch, pout & scream
Living in their darkened world of mean
Having long hanging viscous fangs that bite to fright
They are possessing tombstones for eyes
They don't care about you for they can't even care about themselves
This life is all they get so eat, drink & be merry
For when they are in the grave they will soon rot with the worms
Those swift demonic forces that rage against the machine
There coffin is an open sore that leads them to hell
Blackened hearts that mix words from steel caged barbaric control
They only come to kill, steal & destroy

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