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Poems From My old NeoPoet


i saw the man who gave end to my life..
he’s so lonely at the time i died..
feel obsessed that he did not mind,
just turn crying by my side..

felt overused to problems, he uttered no words to speak..
with his face turning dimmed, he’s really depressed
of unrest in his life that he did not find
time to touch the approaching light..

i then wondered if he’s not that bad
i knew his reason of killing me was just a stroke of his heart,
but it was always a question that why he should
end my life just because of his drowning mood?

i can’t believe he can kill me with his own hands,
twice the puzzle of showing his regrets after what he had done..
that lonely man..i could clearly see..
the man who made me rest forever….his name is ME.

"Rainbows are Befalling the best of His Time"

He’s watching you from the series of clouds
Time of Him guiding those hearts of doubts
To all grudges and dolls you felt He sends enlightening signs
Touches you to have peace for hatred vying your eyes

Gaze at the clouds and you will be free of veins
That keep haunting and killing you with cruel pains
May not be freezed with the heavy sin
No closed doors to know where it had been

Cry out weights before ‘tis time to rain
So when drops fell your faith gets never drained
Feel His bless and feel blessed for the Time
And realize you’re free of anything unkind

When the rain falls as a raging storm
Sorrow might be waiting outside your door
Let it not be something to hinder you to explore
The irony of this world and the reasons the Time was for

Wonders of wonders, I wonder how much will it cost?
To capture the never-ending Time to foresee my final cross?
To see the plagues of my mistakes and the bleed of my faith
When al the world go turning very fast and late

Or the Time was of puzzles and ‘tis me the missing piece
That could finally solve the problem to a perfect bliss?
And it may be somehow the timely still of strength
A dream at stake with the Timely help

Moonlights pour but rainbows can still be seen
By anyone who in their hearts let the Kingdom in
Flames on waters the Time will be
As the rainbow are befalling it for the wonder Glee..

" Puppet Life Blind"

the torch of wisdom have gone away
the school’s hallway getting deeply gray,
all the books i read, i cannot play..
almost disturbed and unjust all the day..

that mirror took me eighteen years ago..
when that man raped his girlfriend on a party club,
and the fruit…the fruit of that sin!
me!! on an orphange living been..

mentors told me..”son.grow up..”,
“just strive and you will survive”
God! what more can i wish onto this life?
rather than my family of a happy bind!!

my father..where are you now?
i kept searching for you in the next city and downtown!
i haven’t seen you since i was spared from an abortion!
please see this child heart that cannot grow!!

thesis..homeworks..can i stand for long?
alone and alone…should i say bye and so long?
the past haunts me..can i now breathe my last?
to end this hollow agony finally and at last?

just luck lead to my graduation
as a cum laude, for i don’t need any profession…
an old lady stood and told she needs to talk with me,
is she my mother? am i right? please somebody!

she told me the whole story..with tears on her eyes..
all’s set for their wedding but my dad’s lust striked fast!
She’s the abortionist who supposed to be my killer!
thanks to you..but where was mother?father?

she blow a sigh and stared in the sky..
please tell me where! don’t stare and sigh!
what? it can’t be! how? “a tragedy nine years ago”,she said
God!! why are they already dead!!

"One Static Love (Heaven Grounds)"

i’ve been gone through many love stories
been used to heartaches and heartbreaks,
yes,mystery it is to see the girl i want to live with
the girl on the cathedral who i cannot just forget..

the love i had wasn’t part of any switches..
and not defined by any holes or stitches,
time has in itself the reasons why its you all and still..
hoping soon somehow you’ll feel the same..

will you ever give me some space in your heart?
or will this poem end with a broken heart?
will you even let me hold your hands?
to make you know i love you with open hands?

can i be your soft pillow when you go to sleep?
can i be your blanket for the midnight wind?
can i be those pocketbooks you love to read?
can i be your cellphone that you never miss to have with?

whether i will have the days all but cold!
or will met fate so odd and untold!
i really love this girl! please back me up Lord!!
let her love me with a single word!

i know there’s someone better that what i am,
but my love is greater than him,
so now i shall bury my shame,
for my heart yearns for the claim..


upon hearing the words of your farewell

cynical flow of tears fell through

although i didn’t hear all your bye’s tell

i’m blowin to the wind that i’ll miss you so

in the cliff of uncertainty was i standing

i feel loneliness and my heart was aching

continiously asking myself, “how could i overcome your lose?”

now, you’re gone my friend that is so very close

lonely was the sound of the rustling leaves

your absence would make my grief

but even now we’re totally apart

you will be forever cherished in my heart

"Winter Grave"

i woke up late this morning
late to see children skiing
happily on the snow-capped hillside,
i had forgotten my childhood memories,
old enough to see the man, lying, on a wooden bed..
there on the candle-lit room, asleep.. and gone

he had been written out of the script
just hours ago,
i can’t prove to myself
that my father took his honors up
for i see him as if he was deep asleep,
along with the thought that he had not yet told me goodbye..

i stared at him,his face..
so composed but numb,asleep but dead..
i can’t help to take the courage to say
how much he was a hero to me,
my playmate on my childhood days;
my bestfriend to whom i can entrust my stand..

i peeped in the window,
snows were falling outside..
and tears began to fell from my eyes,
but tried to comfort myself..
that the old man on the wooden bed..
will wake up by the end of the winter.

"Isolated Me"

the roomside got some hell on it
the venom of insanity haunting the chill to my feet
whenever i’m drowned in this ocean of hate
i see the eccentric sky always disturbing my faith

alone in a world of darkness and frost
and the world i live is the place i hate the most
wiping these bloodsheds, hiding my tears
lonely is really me tyo whom nobody cares

SIN, SADNESS,HATRED-this is what it is
this is my whole life means..
and DEATH!! the only escape for this!
only i fear to end up in such ghostly distress!!


i tried to speak.. but you didnt tend to hear..

i tried to go near you.. but you went so far away..

i tried to understand..but it gives me confusion..

i tried to be silent.. but i’m afraid of the sound of silence..

i tried to live like others..but i always found myself..

i tried to be the best.. but it looks like simple..

i tried to have fun..but it only gives me loneliness..

i tried to seek the light..but i end up with darkness..

i tried to fly.. but i fell with a threat of flames..

i tried to sleep.. but nightmares creeps the whole night..

i tried to sing.. but shattered peace made me to stop..

i tried to rest..but all bothers my mind..

i tried to be in reality..but i’m always part of illusion..

i tried to be in this world..but i always depart from it..

"Spent A Day With Him"

His sympathy is calling you

hoping you’ll stop on anything you do

he knows that you’re feeling down and blue

he knows you need someone to talk to

all fears, all tears, all wars….He saw

spend a day with Jesus and miracle you will know

“Untitled Poem Of An Unknown Poor”


hunger breaks my mind and heart..

not hunger for food, but hunger for the truth!!

for the tyrants of this land makes the nation part,

making hours of life an empty fruit!!

i’ve seen and heard all the battlecries!

all the minds that took the choice and casted the dice..

the tyrants!!-make their honour fall and deprive!!

make this land not blind of those serpent’s lies..

that royal castle! bombed it with heavens’ flames!

throw them all the bloodiest blames..

make our land free from this slavery

God forbid all these nightmares!!

"Old John Of The Cross"

Old John Of The Cross went to a park,
and on a gold-plated chair he sat,
so rich, living on a happy home,
having many friends, never getting alone..
then one night, he was suddenly disturbed..
in front of him a young western man stood,
he took all John’s riches and even his life..
Leaving him a slave with a bloody knife,
five great sons of John dreamed to fight and tried,
but all lost their lives…..and Old John died.

staring in the mild sky i keep wishing for..

those golden smiles you had always worn...

also wishing that i could see you more and more..

starting to feel a thing i never felt before..

wishing that i could serenade you with the sweetest hello..

only i’m so afraid you might say no..

but i swear this love is very deep not shallow..

deeper than the deepest thing man could ever know..

wishing that this world would stop turning..

and everything around us would all be frozen..

i’ll carry my heart, saying..

” i love you whatever may happen”..

wishing that you would always be fine..

wishing that someday i could call you mine..

though i know it’s hard for us to make such rhyme..

i would make my greatest mistake if i’ll let you pass by like time..

"apf’jeigh 2"

all the nights are cold but i don’t feel the chill

simply because of your smile pervading with the love i feel

i would never regret if in this serenade i fell

for i’m deeply reminiscing your sweetest spell

i would not mind if i lose my heart to you

simply because my love spoke me to

and letting you cry is what i’ll never do

for i feel lonely too when you’re feeling blue

i would never mind if this love is not forever

simply because everyday it grow better

and as days passed by it beats more sweeter

knowing that soon we’ll be together

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