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Bruny Island Visit

Observations from the lookout of the Bruny island neck (Tasmania) - where there is a small tribute plaque to Truganini (last surviving tribal Aborigine - many desendants still on the islands) - a truly beatuful place, but with a certain troubled past:



On the neck of Bruny island

Tributes to Truganini

Aquamarine sea

Exploding surf

No penguins.

Vistas unmatched

Bluffs that hide nothing

A pencil thin streak of land

And dome of blue devours the mind

Long brown ribbons bronzed by midday sun

Beaches either side

A wavy line of road sketched in

The pen, the eye, the breath,

Barely captures the sky

Cameras lie about beauty

Here it’s a greater thing than a word.

Pepople of the book that tides brought in 

Time immemorial, here no more.


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