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Back again

New blog : slightly upsetting to find that all the work i had posted here was lost and i did not have alternate backups. Although such as life will continue with or without a few lost pieces

Now if you dont mind i will rant a bit to get thoughts and feelings off my mind.

Time, shattering , silence , a cold moment when in blackness i remained for a time. Lost with out direction. a source of release a place for solitude for sanctuary. Finding nothing but emptiness a blackness with out reason. The place that once was my shelter my sanctuary nothing more than a fleeting memory. Words a curse a course of life. Stabbing, silencing, lifting up the weak. Words are worlds above comprehension, Does one really comprehend the affects of words the impact the long reaching arm of repercussion. Do we ever see where the destination of our words impact or realise outward ripple that it creates. Our words tools dangerous and powerful misunderstood and abused.WORDS weapons or peace makers




Patrick, I assume, welcome back! Format missing?

I'm not sure about intent, and if there is such a thing, why does the worst bring out the best and the best sometimes fall flat?


Unfortunatly im not patrick my name i do not post as im still in a far away place and have become introverted. thank you for the feed back though


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