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Golden Words of Wisdom, ( but only words)

GOLDEN WORDS OF WISDOM. But only words..
Why on earth do people hold beliefs that are killing people, ie race, religion and rhetoric.
Race a word invented by people with influence in order to get a vote, some may disagree but I would suggest you think on this first.
Religion again invented to keep order among a particular faction, that grew into a fervent giant controlled by bigots.
Rhetoric, that which holds both together.
I hear so many pillars of our society say, I’ve no truck for racist people, then go on and stoke the fires of hatred. Why do people allow themselves to be guided by these morons. There is only one belief that man, woman, should adhere to. The Human Belief, that we believe in humans, but not to the detriment of other creatures.
So much effort in getting people to fight wars, when we could be doing something really constructive. Proving we are above that stupid word racism, words are only sounds that we use for communication they can’t hurt physically. And if we try a bit harder we can teach people, that these sounds are just that, sounds. A bird chirping, a dog barking, sounds maybe loud but not something we can’t take shelter from. We must teach each other that we have a shelter from words, that being our intellect. If we do this then I believe, we have a better world.
Political and religious leaders have used words-sounds to divide the human race, but not to better it, purely for self interest, or the interest of a select few.
Point being we as a species can say one thing and think another, it’s only words and thought. Why use words to claim a belief is the only way, when thousands of people die, or are injured because of these words.
Especially if we know that by forsaking these words and keeping our thoughts to ourselves, thousands will live. What could be the reason behind convincing people to mutilate and kill, I think the reason is position and wealth. Some people put items and comfort before the human race, and the only way they can achieve this is by divide and conquer.
They must have people either to greedy or to afraid to ask for equality, so they use religion for fear, and use some of there comfort for greed.
To steal from the many they use some of the people who have some of the comforts, to spread the words of division. IE religion and comfort come together to help each other, to the detriment of the many.
We watch it constantly on television, the rich and the religious leaders, have copious wealth and comfort. While thousands starve or are battered to death in the name of religion or tribalism, people must come out from behind words and start using actions to prove they mean what they say. And not use words as a tool for self grandiosity, but use words in a way that make us all equal. What was the tools of greed in the past, land, minerals, horses, strength, the exact same as today (take horses as cars.)
Oil, gold, diamonds, horses, cars, houses, land, strength, are all past and present greed elements.
Strength was used to chase people off the land, stating wrongdoing, or religious words, to get their strong thugs to remove. Promise the army-thugs, good payment, or convince them on religious grounds that this is the way. Thus gaining the land and all wealth within the land.
Slavery was not invented just for black skinned people, but that’s all religious and political leaders want to spout about. Being it was such a horrid trade, and some good people convinced political and religious leaders to scrap it. That we today have more intelligence and faster ways to communicate, makes it good sense for leaders to be careful how they use their words. But alas spawning a language all of their own, called gobbledegook by any person using half their intelligence.
But getting back to the slavery aspect, since communities began, we have always had people who would exploit wealth or religion, sometimes both for their own and their associates benefit. Without going into to much detail, we can mention, the middle east, the Aborigines, the Irish and Highland atrocities, Africa, The Greeks And Romans, all had or were forms of slavery.
And in the middle of this was religion, scary beliefs of the supernatural and untruths to keep people in order. Enforcing this with the greedy-armies-thugs, so as to ensure a special privileged position for the few.
Which by in large we see today, words being used twisted to gain power needed for the few to have their comforts. Adverts by media are designed to make us want rather than need certain items, which of course are sold to us by the very people who employ us. Wealthy people control the media ensuring we hear their message, persuading us backed up by
politicians and religious ministers that we should live as they desire.

I say we should take words back to a form of communication only, and not use them as an enticement, incitement, to cause harm to others. Remembering that only acts of violence cause physical hurt, and teach an intellect to people that words are only sounds. However loud some oaf may use them. We as a species should look behind words hopefully seeing the intent, so as to make and informed decision for the good of all and not the greed of the few.
Please remember what I have written hear is only words, but I can assure you my intent is for the good of the many. Regards Roscoe Llane

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