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The Voice You Know

hard pressed to grasp
a singular sense of language
I seek the key
to best sing my songs

am I a voice of profundity?

"I only know that I know nothing!"

alright, I know
that's been used already
like 2500 years ago
by some really, really smart dude
maybe no one will remember
I could probably slip it in someplace

"put your socks on before your shoes"

that's all I got
not enough to be crowned
The Renowned Profound Poet

how about humor
via silliness

"flies must fly
they can't won't
flying fish exist
fish swatters don't"

lol, ha ha ha!
well, it's not that funny
besides, it's my only bit
scratch comedian/poet/clown voice
even a "good" 4 second bit
wouldn't qualify me as
The Voice Of Funniness

what's next?
reflective warbbling
love stricken
heart breaking
emo goo

"Clementine, darling Clementine
nature's sweetest temptation
juicy, wet, lusciousness... etc."

ok, that came from a label
on a fruit box
-and I can't even do better that that!
so, no romantic poet am I
and now if you please
I shall take leave
of this torturous orb!

and onto the ordinary voice
the regular guy way

"I write poems
I am a poet
some are good
some not so it

that'll have to do
I must go now
gargle and honey my throat
the "Voice You Know"

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