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That Guy ( The Mirrors Of Perception )

moanin' and groanin'
yeah! I do my share
but, c'mon

we stay at home
to get away from people
with their whiney assed complaining

we sit at our computers
night after night
then whine about it
getting online
to moan and groan some more

what's my point???

we must like it!
it's our nature I suppose
"everyone else is a moron,
a fool,an ignorant reprobate"

I was hoping for somthing more
from virtual communities
but, I guess, in that respect
I'm as moronic, foolish, and ignorant
as the rest of the moronic, foolish,
ignorant reprobates

eveything is a mirror of ourselves

NOTE: I visit many sites. Not just Neopoet
............please take that into consideration after reading this


I can't help but say: *mirror's up*. ;-)

Life is like a Matryoshka doll, after opening one after the other after the other, one finds nothing inside.


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