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The Benefits Of Old Age

the benefits of old age?
hold on
I'm thinking
give me a minute
the benefits of age
one can finally get comfortable
with his eccentricities
I guess that's pretty much the same
as saying
"I don't give a shit"
that's about it
can't think of anything else
don't want to
who cares, anyway?


Made me laugh!

though I know it has a serious side - My parents worked until they were in their early eighties and they are still fully functioning! Lol. So I guess quality of life has a large part to play.

Thanks for the giggle

Love Mand xxxxx

thanks for giggling


author comment

thank you. A compliment is nice once in awhile. much appreciated


author comment

in keeping with the theme of
forgetfulness in old age, perhaps
the last line could read

"[but] do I care anyway?"

just a thought

a funny write that gave me a chuckle
despite the serious undertone


thanks for your thoughts and input. will think about your suggestion and appreciate you offering it.


author comment

No longer need to drag a comb
being no hair on my dome
and I can selectively hear
without having any fear
then there's the "senior" discount
though it's a paltry amount lol about all the advantages I can add...................scribbler

thanks for responding. See you around!

good luck on the upcoming elections. I've always preferred "Salt ot the earth" over "Bitter herbs"
I appreciate your service (in advance)


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thank you very much. You know, I read your work, just don't comment very often.
I hope you are as happy and delightful as your "online" presence is. You are a charmer.



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Sorry, didnt see this earlier... was hunting for my reading glasses for a while, then forgot what i was looking for...

Eh? Say again?



I know what you are saying...all too well.


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