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Applied Democracy

This world is also a strange place, what is true here is not visible and what is false comes to the fore. What is happening is the complete opposite of what is being preached. Power has always been everything in the world and like a bloodthirsty wolf it has always killed and robbed the weak under false pretenses. There are many examples of this hypocrisy in the world, but the best slogans of the West are the best examples.
Muslims lost everything centuries ago. If there was any hope, it was in the Holy Hijaz, Ottoman Empire and the Mughal Empire of India. The rest of the Muslim world was subjugated by the West. Spain had been razed to the ground. The rivers of Baghdad were red with the blood of Muslims. So the West intended to undermine the true dignity of Muslims in these three places as well.

The East India Company set foot in India and in 1857 made the whole country part of the British Crown. Conspired against Turkey and forced the Ottoman Emperor to seek political asylum in Britain. Sharif Mecca was replaced by the Saud dynasty and thus the old system of Muslims was abolished. Now there was a Western hand behind all these conspiracies. The West was trying to civilize the world by aggressively occupying it. He was trying to make the world prosperous by seizing the financial resources of the whole world. From here, one can gauge the hypocrisy of the West that they also disguised their own interests as the interests of the world and made the world poor by calling it Whiteman Burden.
Then, with the passage of time, a movement was launched from the West which was called democracy. This democracy was popularized simply because Muslims could not get a government anywhere and were so weak wherever they were that they could not stand on their own two feet. Similar governments were established in Africa and Asia, and at the same time Muslims were divided. It was apparently a government of the people by the people and for the people, but Muslims all over the world suffered greatly from this democracy. Muslims were divided and resources were given to non-Muslims. That was the democracy of that time. Speaking of the slogan of democracy of this era, the West has always sided with a democracy that is indebted to the IMF, addicted to the West and proud to follow Western ideas. If a country tries to get out of such a democracy, such chaos is spread in that country that the government that stands on its own feet then comes to the door of the West with its hands tied.
Anti-Western democracy, such as development agreements and close ties with China or Russia, is seen as a denial of democracy, and Muslims are forced to wage jihad to defeat the atheists of the Soviet Union. And the fatwa on jihad is also popularized by the West, al-Qaeda is formed, and after the disintegration of Russia, if al-Qaeda begs to understand Islam or ask for the right to Islam, then it is blown up with daisy-cutter bombs.
If there is a problem being faced by non-Muslims all over the world, it is solved immediately on a priority basis, no matter if it is the partition of another country (Indonesia), but Muslims should be thrown out of their own homelands as Kashmir, Palestine and other African and Arab countries, the poor are deported evrywhere. 70-year-old problems are further complicated. The West is still the beacon of human rights and enlightened democracy. We can call such a democracy as applied democracy, where democracy is practiced where it is in its interest and where it is not necessary, the worst dictatorship should be carried out with understanding.

This is an example of the hypocrisy of the West. Propaganda in the name of human rights, honor killings, women's rights and freedom, desecration of prophets and holy books, and disrespect for prophets. These are the tactics that the West uses to exploit us and we always obey it in a defensive position. And why not believe? After all, our economies are run by the IMF, our democracy is supported by the World Bank.

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