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I thought you'll be better
When you come promising forever
Telling me you'll stay and leaving never,
And my heart will be yours to hold, forever and ever.

Guess yours wasn't different from the mythic old tales
That I heard from men in the past that made me ail
I tried so much not to think 'bout it, but to no avail
Even to myself, am sometimes derail(ed).

You came to me posing as a better man
To a better tommorow, you said you had a map
You said you'll show me the staircase I never Mount,
But I was just a dummy, believing you're a better man.

I thought you'll be better
When you came with your truthful lies in a platter
Which of the words you said to me doesn't come with a fetter,
When in just a day, you promised me forever.

I should have been cautious, when you gave your friends our newsletter.

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