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judyanne's blog

formatting - help please

can someone please explain to a dumb blonde how to format italics and bold in simple formating?
i would really appreciate it

Country Courtesy

hello everyone
wesley has very kindly agreed to work with me in improving my story telling poetry.
so i am going to use my blog at the moment for this purpose
everyone , please, i would appreciate all feedback

merry christmas all

i really thought i had submitted an entry but i can't find it so here it is again

merry christmas and the best and safest holiday season to all my friends

i have given my phone and internet server the sack
talk about cutting off my nose to spite my face lol
now i have none

anyway, hopefully i'll be back in full swing in the new year
to those of you who have my old e-mail address i'll send my new one as soon as i get it
love to all

review of Plutonic Sonnets by Robert Graber

In this book the author sings us a story via the classic melody of the sonnet. Through an oft times humorous, condensed history he shows the development of humankinds' understanding of the physical world and heavens. From stories of gods and titans to that of the power of the atom bomb which has been developed from the element namesakes of those gods, he weaves a magic history in beautiful rhythm and rhyme.


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